ACH is an overlooked banking tool by businesses.

更低的成本, streamlined operations and greater flexibility and convenience – these are just some of the ways ACH electronic payments can help your business. 十大真钱下载es of all sizes and across a wide range of industries are increasingly making and receiving payments electronically using Automated Clearing House (ACH), also known as e-checks or electronic funds transfers (EFT). FLCBank offers efficient Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment solutions.



Many businesses no longer issue paper payroll checks to their employees; instead they pay them electronically with direct deposit.


电子借记 & 学分

These are B2B payments to vendors and suppliers and B2C payments by consumers of recurring bills like their mortgage, 保险费, 水电费及俱乐部会费.

How can ACH Payment processing benefit your 十大真钱下载 and your Customers

十大真钱下载es are accustomed to accepting payments three ways: check, cash, and card. Most businesses are overlooking the benefit of another option: ACH (Automated Clearing House) processing.  此服务允许 you to debit your customers bank account directly for payment for your goods and or services. ACH payment, particularly same-day ACH, can be automated and made simpler from start to finish.


除了便宜的潜力之外, 更快更方便, ACH payment processing transactions can give you (and your customers) peace of mind that transactions are secure. 当客户进行ACH付款时, it processes through a secure system that is encrypted, leaving your customer’s credentials protected — and your business’s profits safeguarded.


如果您有重复计费的客户, 运营基于订阅的十大真钱下载, 接受大量纸质支票, 或处理B2B事务, you might want to consider accepting ACH payments. Contact us today and we can help you determine if ACH processing is right for you. 联系904号的Chris Macarages.472.2778.

Exploring Payment Partnership Possibilities

FLCBank understands the complexity of Third-Party Payment Processors (TPPP) and their value in the payments network. We have been processing for Third-Party Senders (TPS) since 2005 and continued to grow that business. We work collaboratively to understand your needs for a payment integration solution. To request more information about our payment partnership solutions contact Chris Macarages at 904.472.2778.